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  • Alex4U 0

    Sometimes I hate my family...

    Fuck, I don't feel so nice since a while. I had a lot of problems, I've feel so depressed and angry... I think writing and talking about this would make me feel a little bit better... Before beginning, my parents are psychologists... and my sister is so annoying, well, sometimes, whenever she...

    Homecoming was last night

    Came Home Running In Scared Because Eddie Neither Owen Is There Like if you get it
  • Felek666 21

    [Researching] Solving Doki Doki Literature Club ARG

    To put it simply, reddit did more things than all of us combined - Going to update it with new findings! So, we already have sayori* solved. It turned to be a .ogg file with a QR Code which redirects...
  • DS1 3

    DS1's Hot Takes Vol.1: There Are No Bad Fighting Games FINAL ROUND

    There Are No Bad Fighting Games ==Part 3: The Fine Line Between Cheap and Free== Hopefully I've made the case that fighting games have shed the shackles of the soulless cash grabs and sloppily implemented control schemes of the early 90s, and that with a little understanding and a bit of...
  • smileyhead 91

    Sometimes the dreams my brain generates are a bit TOO believable

    I was dreaming that I chewed too hard and broke my teeth... and I felt it all... *shivers* And the dream itself wasn't even a nightmare. This just... happened... Otherwise it was a pretty pleasant one. I was moving to a tropical island ~5 kilometres away from a Greekish city, and I was flying...
  • VinLark 6

    Homecoming 2017

    HOLY SHIT GUYS ITS 12 AM JUST GOT BACK FROM A LIT NIGHT WITH THE GALS LEMME TRY AND EXPLAIN IT ALL SWLOEHWIRTGNOIUENWRGOINOERGJ Alright, so my school was offering this thing called "Dine and Ride" where it would drive us to a place to eat, and to homecoming and back. My date and me went (with...
  • jt_1258 2

    Part of my life in few words

    1. "Ignorantly famous" Another question that persists through my thoughts. How is it that I know no one but everyone knows me. I go about my life in school quitely. I'm not roudy. I don't do anything outstanding. I'm reserved and don't attempt to stand out seems everyone seems to know...
  • Gyrobax 3

    I've been doing better recently

    Me and my friends have been having discord calls where we talk about video game stuff and play video games with each other, and that's been something that's been making me really happy you know? Just spending time with my internet friends and having a good time and ruining my sleep schedule (but...
  • Futurdreamz 8

    Why is RetroPi ungodly complicated

    After four hours fucking with this thing, I have a system with thousands of games i have no intention of playing (as downloading rom packs was easier than tracking down and manually finding every single game I do want, and googling what the best games are for each console), and of those that I...
  • NutymcNuty 4

    stfu desktop

    long story short it turns out just my graphics card died out of now where rest in rip my rx 460, you served me well. Now I gotta look for the receipt and hope to got I got the warranty with it.
  • DS1 0

    DS1's Hot Takes Vol.1: There Are No Bad Fighting Games ROUND 2

    There Are No Bad Fighting Games ==Part 2: Why All Fighting Games Are Good== A lot of people I know that are really into video games are into nearly every genre (racing and sports tend to be exceptions). Fighting games, however, tend to be a bit divisive in that there seem to be some people that...
  • DarthDub 36

    Discord is down

    I'm feeling withdrawals since I use Discord everyday. I guess because it's friday the 13th.