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    Spectral Blizzard I woke up in the morning to find a giant shitstorm waiting for me. And a Steam Key.
    So I'm leaving for a week.
    It'll do me and the Temp good.
    If you see me in the Steam Key Giveaway thread, it does not count.
    Spectral Blizzard Wow.
    It's been a long time since I did a blog entry.
    Waking up right now here in...a US time zone, I am questioning a lot.
    Why has the sun not risen up even though its 7:00 AM? Why am I on GBATemp? Why am I living in the middle of nowhere? How the hell have I not died yet? I feel like my life getting emtier every minute. I feel as if...when I die [which will probably be soon] no one will care about it. *sigh*
    Spectral Blizzard I like to mess around with stuff.
    Whether it be physical or digital.
    Upon hearing that Newer DS. had been released, I promptly went over to the website to find-
    Newer Wii?
    I look at the address bar and see that the link ends with "/wii/" so I changed it to "/ds/" because it was logical.
    It worked.
    I was at the page.
    Well, I put "/U/" and got a message saying "Coming soon..." which everybody knows.
    Then, I put in "/3ds/" and got a very funny-looking message that said "No."
    Does that mean we're getting one?
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    Spectral Blizzard A hundred likes.
    It's just that time of the year where I'm all alone and I realized it.
    Spectral Blizzard I am not usually the one to be noticed or get likes.
    I usually ignore my notifications.
    Today when I actually checked it out, I saw that someone had liked my post in "http://gbatemp.net/threads/emulator-ps1-ps2-ps3-is-possible-on-switch.490161/#post-7705912" and I went over there.

    I was baffled on how many likes I got.

    32 likes from that one post is 1/3 of my current likes.


    Just wow.

    Also, I have very succesfully escaped the EoF. I think I am the first one to do so.

    By the way, what is up with the current generation? It is really messed up.

    Just another random thought!

    See ya later!
    Spectral Blizzard I want attention.
    I need attention.
    I'm depressed.
    Siri on Android, take me to Satan.
    Spectral Blizzard Almost everyone hates me now.
    Whatever you do, don't notice this.
    Well, back to helping people in the non-EoF!
    Spectral Blizzard Just no.
    Now I am going to help people instead.
    Screw @drenal and @Dionicio3 and @DRAGONBALLVINTAGE.
    Maybe I'll become a reporter like my g...gaerl @Chary.
    I tagged...
    Spectral Blizzard Apparently my post isn't even good enough for the EoF.
    Spectral Blizzard A stupid superstition, no?

    Itsa okay movie, so watch it.
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    Spectral Blizzard Hey guys. Sorry for the initial reaction.

    This game was supposed to be epic, but it ended up being okay.

    I am so pissed.

    Hey, at least the Theme of Infinite is edgier than Shadow. We got some edginess.


    *passes out*
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    Spectral Blizzard I wanted to create a new blog for no reason.
    But what to write about?
    I know!
    What about how long I have been meddling with consoles?

    So, it first started with the PS2 and GC. I mainly used cheats for a certain Disney-Square Enix crossover. Ahh...memories. But that was it. Nothing more. I didn't want to buy any hardmods.

    Then, in 2006, came the revolutionary consoles. The PS3 and Wii (sorry XBOX people) that changed gaming as we know it. Motion controls and amazing graphics! Holy moly!

    Obviously I bought them both. What can I say? XBOX died there and then.

    Then came softmods. I was so overjoyed because I didn't have to buy shady equipment! I did a bit of research and went right to it.

    I enjoyed it so much but it never crossed my mind to actually delve my hands deep into the scene until the 3DS hit. I developed a few private homebrew programs for fun.

    It basically expanded from there.
    And that the story in short.
    But I haven't bought a Switch.
    Spectral Blizzard Blogittyblogblogblog.
    I'm bored.
    Can anyone recommend any games?
    I've played most, if not all, of everything.
    So please?
    I'll give you candy!
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    Spectral Blizzard
    My new title:​

    GBATemp's Favorite Random Phantom/Assassin/Senpai
    Spectral Blizzard I really don't like laptops.
    They have portability, sure, but they're just too expensive for the processing power they have.
    That's why I use a desktop.
    And Opera. Because Chrome sucks.
    Here are some IMPORTANT SPECS.

    CPU - I5-2500K @5.5 GHZ
    I used a $15 fan for that.
    It is not hot and completely stable.
    That is why my computer is beast.
    You should get it too.
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