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    huntertron1 ive had lots of stuff to do and i recently built a windows 3.0 pack but due to me being an ideot by forgeting how long copyright lasts gbatempt took it down. so ive been trying to get stuff done and been working on a new site for helping building nands for the dsi. and also just been gaming in genral. i was going to post something yesterday but due to my sisters movie downloading we got a copyright strike from at&t. 2 infact so now i haave to be carfull out here. so if you see me not posting much its me trying to make a post but reviewing the post to make sure that there is no copyright issue. becuse if we get one more stike bye bye internet hello hotspot and where i live i got NO singnal. so sorry if ive been silent.
    huntertron1 ok so windows 7 installed but due to my system being to new the drivers did not install correctly so i hoped on a old laptop and used a cd-r (yes i know who uses them anymore) because the DVD drive worked so i installed a Ethernet driver to get it up and running and finally windows 7 is finally tamed. now the only question is when will it start attacking. because almost always during a os install or vmware install my PC throws a fit because its using a crappy graphics card. at least it runs fast because of my 8gb of ram and my i5 Intel core possessor.
    huntertron1 ubuntu is crapping out im going to reinstall into windows 7 so now my pc is going from 10 to ubuntu to 7 (dout this will work)
    huntertron1 my SD card died today so im stuck on testing some homebrew. but the website is getting a whole new redesign thx to @MrMicTiller. until i get a new SD card for my dsi i have no clue if the homebrew i post will work on a dsi with sudokuhax. but just like SD cards nothing last forever.
    huntertron1 ok... so i stumbled apon a entry in the homebrew part of the ds section and found a post that moon shell dose not work on srloader. so now im curious if i try to load the failed homebrew that could not load on hbmenu could load on srloader. couldn't hurt to try
    huntertron1 im now working on testing some homebrew web browsers to see if the dsi would like the browsers and making sure the browser can edit files on the SD card.
    if the browser can download and save stuff via SD card and dsi wireless WiFi receiver then i can start working on making the website compatible with dsi console compatible. then ill start testing for other homebrew that works with the dsi and start adding the ones that work to my website located here:

    huntertron1 homebrew is a interesting thing that helps pirates and homebrew lovers.
    homebrew can be sued for emulation,fan games,ports, and exploit installers for a secondary entry.
    while it wasn't intended its going to happen anyways.
    remember how protective the Saturn was.
    it had a copy right layer until after it died an exploit was found by swamping discs to load homebrew.
    then someone made an installer to flash an action replay cart to play backup discs without swapping discs there for bypassing the copyright protection.
    what will be next.
    the switch is already hacked with web kit.
    the psp was a homebrew overhaul.
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    huntertron1 ive been working laterally on this website for dsi/3ds homebrew web browsers that allows SD card support for downloading homebrew from this site but note this is an experiment. if you want some more homebrew which im about to add soon to this site please recommend it at the recommendations tab.